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The Waites condition monitoring system provides around the clock, effortless monitoring of any and every piece of equipment in your facility. Our modern, easy-to-use vibration analysis software allows you to easily and automatically set alerts—whether you’re a vibration expert or not.

True experts will appreciate the depth of functionality of the Waites website, empowering them to detect potential defects earlier, saving the equipment itself, and saving the operation from unexpected, painful and costly downtime. Our system is priced at a fraction of other monitoring solutions, and has been designed from the ground-up with plug-and-play ease of use. Plants can be monitoring equipment in under 5 minutes.

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Our System

A complete IoT (IIoT) monitoring solution.


The Waites system is a leader in the condition monitoring industry. The base of our system is a rugged, stainless steel encased sensor that mounts securely to your equipment to monitor full spectrum vibration and temperature. These sensors connect our battery powered wireless nodes, with a line of sight of roughly 4,000 feet. These nodes provide up to 10+ years of ongoing monitoring of up to six points each, providing 18 channels of coverage. Readings can be customized to run on intervals, or be triggered on demand. The wireless nodes connect to our always on, sophisticated communications hub. Powered by an encrypted cellular connection, our hubs are incredibly easy to install and can usually be up and running within 5 minutes of installation. Running behind the scenes is our monitoring website, an advanced, expertly developed system that delivers every single reading to a customized dashboard, giving you a full 360 view of your operation.


The Waites system has been designed and tested in real-world factory environments. Using revolutionary MEMS technology, coupled with a maximum-power, long-range mesh network, you will be able to monitor more equipment in your plant – at infinitely greater intervals – than ever before.

Some wireless systems take weeks to install and configure. The Waites system has been painstakingly designed to make installation and use as simple as possible. Most facilities can be up and running, monitoring equipment in around 5 minutes.

The Waites website is an advanced, expertly developed tool to monitor all aspects of your condition-monitoring operation. Gone are the days of data collectors and data dumps. All readings are delivered to the Waites website where you can do what you do best: analyze your data to best protect your equipment.

Your plant personnel can be alerted immediately via text message, email, or phone call when equipment conditions exceed automatic- and manually-set alerts for spectrum vibration, overall vibration, temperature, humidity, etc. You have record of who reviewed the alert and how it was handled.

Your plant has rotating equipment. You know you should be doing more frequent condition monitoring, but there are only so many people and not enough time to do it. In the past, it has been far too expensive to monitor anything but your most critical equipment. Waites provides a comprehensive solution to combat these challenges.

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